Miss, Say Goodbye To Your Daughter

It’s 1944 and the tight-knit community of the Liberties in Dublin’s inner city is feeling the bite of wartime austerity. Bound together by poverty and devotion to the Catholic Church, struggling families share what they have and hope that better days will come. Despite the tough surroundings, twenty-nine-year-old Ellen remains optimistic about her future, convinced that she may soon meet the man of her dreams

Miss, Say Goodbye to Your Daughter is the gripping true story of Ellen and her daughter, Deirdre, who is born into the most challenging of circumstances. The impact of those early childhood years echo through Deirdre’s life, but ultimately spur her on as she seeks her own version of self-actualisation and to achieve goals beyond her imagination.

Written against the backdrop of enormous social change that Ireland experienced in the second half of the twentieth century, this story of two determined and courageous women explores how fate and the indomitable human spirit compete to draw us in radically different directions.

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ISBN: 978-1788462327
Publication date: 24 March 2022
Editions: Kindle and Paperback